In the film, ‘The Notebook’, Noah (Ryan Gosling) and Allie (Rachel McAdams) met at a fair. They started dating in the summer and fell in love. For Noah, it was love at first sight.

They got on very well, but sometimes they would argue and be angry with each other. They had many fights and occasionally, Allie would slap and hit Noah and he would yell at Allie.

Allie’s parents did not approve of Noah and Allie’s relationship because Noah was not wealthy or high class. They broke up when Allie had to leave and go to university.
Noah didn’t want their relationship to end, so he wrote love letters to her every day for a year. However, Allie’s mother was against the relationship so she hid all of them.

After several years, Allie met someone else and got engaged, but then she saw an article about Noah in the newspaper. The article was about a house that Noah had restored. It was the house that Noah and Allie wanted to grow old together and bring up a family in. Noah revealed how he had written to her which damaged her relationship with her mother. After spending some quality time together, Allie and Noah made up and got back together. Allie dumped her fiancé and forgave her mother.

After that, they lived happily ever after.


Love relationship - The notebook