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Adverbs of frequency
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Adverbs of Frequency are Adverbs of Time that answer the question "How frequently?" or "How often?". They tell us how often something happens.

Main Adverbs of Frequency: Always, usually, sometimes, never

Frequency (days per week)


Adverb M T W Th F Examples
Always X X X X X I always have breakfast at home
Never           I never lay the table
Usually X X   X X I usually have dinner at 7:00 pm
Sometimes   X     X I sometimes drink a cup of wine at dinner

Position of the adverbs of frequency:

Before the main verb

arrow I always
set the table


After a form of the verb TO BE

Patrick is never late for dinner


The adverbs usually and sometimes can go at the beginning of a sentence.

Sometimes I eat fruit after lunch Usually I leave the table first
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Adverbs of frequency