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The weather in England is always changing. In just one day it is totally normal for the weather to change from sunny to cloudy, rainy to hailstoning to light snow and then back to sunny again! Therefore, English people have a lot of different activities related to the weather.

Even in the summer it is normal to have rain. This isn’t always a bad thing as English children don’t mind so much about playing outside when it’s drizzling or there is a light shower; playing in puddles, making tents, looking for rainbows etc. England is completely prepared for cold and rainy conditions, but if there is a heavy downpour everyone will stay inside and do indoor activities. If the rain continues to fall in the summer, English people will decide to go on holiday abroad. Spain and Greece are popular destinations as the weather is guaranteed to be better there.

Sometimes however, the sun does come out. When it is sunny for example, lots of British people will have barbeques to make the most of the warm weather and they also love to have picnics. During the weekends, they sometimes take road trips to destinations in the UK where it is forecasted to be hot. For example to Brighton in the South. England and the UK have many beaches so when the temperature is forecast to be boiling many families will drive to their nearest beach to sunbathe. It is unusual however for the temperature to stay hot and dry for a long period of time, so if England has a heatwave there may be a drought.

England is lucky in that there are almost never any natural disasters. Because of Britain’s location there are no earthquakes, hurricanes or tornadoes. However, lately winter in England has been very bad. in the last few months there have been a lot of snow storms with thunder and lightning and floods caused by extreme weather conditions which has left roads icy and homes freezing.


Whatever the weather.

English weather and their customs