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Political Systems

monarcy MONARCHY
A Monarchy is when a Country or Kingdom is ruled by a government with the monarch (the King or Queen) at the head. This means that rather than the public voting for the head of power, it is inherited. (i.e. the children of the current king or queen will become the heir to the throne after the current King or Queen dies. )
dictatorship DICTATORSHIP
In a dictatorship, total power is held by one person or a small group of people. All decisions are made by this person/group and there is no public contribution. Unlike a Democracy, a dictatorship is different in that the leaders take power through force (i.e. military action) and they will stay in power for as long as they want.
anarchy ANARCHY
Anarchy is a state of disorder caused by the absence or the refusal to recognise authority or a controlling system such as a government. The public are not controlled by rules or laws. On one hand this can be positive as individuals have complete freedom. However, on the other hand anarchy can cause serious problems such as a lack of order which can lead to social and economic difficulties.
comunism COMMUNISM
Communism follows the general theory that everyone is equal. There is no single person or group of people who rule others. It is a classless society which abolishes private property. Nothing is owned and the workers are in control of production. Each person contributes and receives according to their needs and their abilities.
republic REPUBLIC
In a republic the power is held by the people and their elected representatives. The head of the state is called a President, he is voted for by the citizens of the state or country. Voting takes place every four years.

This is a government system. Political representatives are voted by a general election. The Political party with the most votes from the public becomes the new government for five years. The head of each political party is called MP (Member of Parliament) and if they are voted for they become the Prime Minister.