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Dear Father Christmas

I hope that you and Mrs Christmas are very well and are getting everything ready at the North Pole in time for Christmas Eve.

This year I have been a very good girl and I hope that you have noticed. I’m very excited for you to bring me some presents down the chimney this year! I have already hung my stocking and our Christmas tree is decorated, ready for when you visit.

My favourite part of Christmas is waking up on Christmas morning and seeing that you have visited my house and left lots of presents under the Christmas tree and in my stocking! Of course I will leave you some milk and cookies next to the fireplace for you and also I will leave some carrots for your reindeer, they work very hard and deserve a treat!

This year I would really like a jigsaw puzzle for Christmas. I would also like a new doll, because last week I lost my old doll and I would like a new one to play with.

My little brother has also been a very good boy all year and he deserves lots of presents too! I think he would like some games for Christmas, maybe a racing car set or a board game? So that we can play together. My Mummy and Daddy have also been extremely good. They said that they don’t want anything for Christmas but I think it would be nice if you could bring them a surprise Thank you, Father Christmas; I will listen for the sleigh landing on our roof on Christmas Eve!

From, Susan.

Christmas letter