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Halloween is a very popular celebration for both adults and children that is celebrated each year on the 31st October. Halloween originated in Ireland but today is celebrated in countries all over the world, such as America and the rest of the United Kingdom.

There are many traditions that take place during Halloween. Probably the most famous is Trick or Treat, where young children dress in scary costumes (for example as witches, vampires and ghosts) and knock on their neighbour’s doors. A trick means that they will play a silly or cruel joke on the neighbour and treat means that the neighbour can give the children sweets to avoid this trick.

Many people decorate their homes to look scary and some people have fancy dress parties. A huge tradition at Halloween is to carve a pumpkin. To do this, you cut the top off a pumpkin and hollow out the inside. Then you carve a face into the pumpkin and put a candle inside so that it glows in the dark.

Apple bobbing is also famous at Halloween. This is where you must try to take a floating apple out of a bucket of water using only your teeth (no hands!) It´s very fun but quite challenging!


Halloween: terrifying traditions