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Guy Fawkes is a tradition only celebrated in England. Guy Fawkes, was an English man from York. He was a catholic and wanted England to be a catholic country. Therefore, in 1605 Fawkes joined a group of people who planned to use explosives to kill the current king who was a protestant. However, in the early hours of the 5th November, his plan was discovered and police found him hiding with the explosives before he had time to detonate them. He was captured and killed; and the 5th of November became a day to celebrate.

Many traditions take place on the 5th of November. For example, people build a bonfire made of wood that they set fire to at night. People also make a doll of Guy Fawkes with leaves and bin bags which they also set fire to.

Lots of fireworks are also used at bonfire night to represent the explosives and people eat traditional ‘Bonfire food’ such as black peas and toffee apples. Normally, each town has a fair with their own bonfire and fireworks display.

guy fawks: remember, remember the 5th of November