In the end - Linkin Park

Linkin Park is an American rock band from Agoura Hills, California. Formed in 1996, the band rose to international fame with their debut album Hybrid Theory

Musical style and influences

Both Hybrid Theory and Meteora combine the alternative metal, nu metal, and rap rock sound with influences and elements from hip hop, alternative rock, and electronica, utilizing programming and synthesizers. William Ruhlmann from Allmusic regarded it as "a Johnny-come-lately to an already overdone musical style," whereas Rolling Stone described their song "Breaking the Habit" as "risky, beautiful art".


Hybrid Theory (2000)

Meteora (2003)

Minutes to Midnight (2007)

A Thousand Suns (2010)

Living Things (2012)



kinkin park




At the end: Something that is finishing. Ex: At the end of the day I usually relax by watching. TV.
In the end: the final result of some action or situation, finally. Ex: I didn’t know what to do so in the end I asked for advice.

  1. Eventually: at the very end; finally; after a long time or long delay. Ex: eventually, he arrived.
  2. Far: at, to, or from a great distance. Ex: I am going to look for a new flat because my house is very far from my new job. Tr: lejos.
  3. It doesn’t matter: something is not important. Ex: A: Shall we leave at 2pm or 2.30pm? B: It doesn´t matter.
  4. Put the trust on somebody: to trust somebody, rely on. Ex: I’ve put my trust on you and you betrayed me.
  5. Keep that in mind: continue to think about something, to not forget. Ex: When you go to the party tonight, keep in mind that you have to wake up early tomorrow.
  6. Memory: a particular recollection of an event, person, etc. Tr: recuerdo. Ex: My best memories are from my childhood.
  7. Waste: to use, consume, or expend thoughtlessly, carelessly, or to no avail. Ex: Don´t waste my time with your silly questions.