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  1. Unfold (v): to develop or expand
  2. You gotta = You have to tr: tienes que hacer
  3. Release: to free (something) , let go or fall tr: liberar
  4. Cause you tears = make you cry, stand up!
  5. Be counted: stand up, don't hide
  6. Bold (brave) = hard = tough = strong. Ex: the bold knight rescued the princess.
  7. Cool: calm Ex:"Stay cool! It'll all be ok." tr: tranquilo.
  8. Herald: to announce publicly tr: proclamar. Ex: The opening ceremony heralded the start of the Olympic games.
  9. Cash: money. "Gime the cash!" Shouted the robber.
  10. In your sweet time: take your time, there is no pressure.
  11. View: opinion. Ex: What is your opinion on the issue?
  12. It goes on without you: it will happen/continue whether you are there or not.
  13. Pace: speed. Ex: I am learning English at my own pace. tr: paso, velocidad, ritmo.
  14. The world keeps on spinning = the world continues rotating (literally)= life goes on. (methaphoric)



Des'ree (1968 - present)

Desirée Annette Weeks (born 30 November 1968), stage name Des'ree /dəˈsriː/, is a British R&B recording artist who rose to popularity during the 1990s. She is well known for her hits: "Feel So High" (which were recorded two different music videos), "You Gotta Be", "Life", and "Kissing You" (from the soundtrack of the film William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet). Des'ree has not released any new material since 2003's Dream Soldier. She currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Discography: Mind Adventures (1991), I Ain't Movin (1994), Supernatural (1998) , Dream soldier (2003)

Years active: 1990-2003

Genres: Soul, dance, R&B, pop

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You gotta be - Des'ree