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  1. Throw back: to quickly send something back from where it came from. Tr: devolver. Ex: Somebody is going to throw back the insult to you if you don’t apologise.
  2. back beat:, looking back to an earlier point in time. Tr: ‘mirar atras’ Ex: Can we back beat on that because I’m not sure I remember it correctly.
  3. Doubt: to be unsure about something, normally a decision. Tr: duda Ex: I have some doubts about the last chapter of the book, please could we study it again.
  4. Wind(v): to travel back to a certain point in time that has already passed. Tr: serpentear. Ex:To get to my house, follow the winding road until you arrive at the post office!
  5. Wonderwall: Slang, meaning the object of ones affections. Tr: apoyo moral. Ex: He won’t admit that he loves her but really she is his wonderwall
  6. Lead: to show the way by going in advance. Tr: Guiar. Ex:I was lost so I followed a police man who lead me to the tourist office.

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OASIS (1991 - 2009)

Oasis were an English rock band formed in Manchester in 1991. Originally known as The Rain, the group was formed by Liam Gallagher (vocals and tambourine), Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs (guitar), Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan (bass guitar) and Tony McCarroll (drums, percussion), who were soon joined by Liam's older brother Noel Gallagher (lead guitar and vocals).

I don't know what any of my songs are about. I don't sit down to write about anything. They're about whatever you want. I don't pick subjects. I just start. Liam Gallagher


Definitely Maybe (1994)
(What's the Story) Morning Glory? (1995)
Be Here Now (1997)
Standing on the Shoulder of Giants (2000)
Heathen Chemistry (2002)
Don't Believe the Truth (2005)
Dig Out Your Soul (2008)

Band Members

Liam Gallagher – lead vocals, tambourine
Noel Gallagher – lead guitar, vocals, bass, keyboards
Gem Archer – rhythm guitar, bass, harmonica
Andy Bell – bass, rhythm guitar
Chris Sharrock – drums

Wonderwall - Oasis