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  1. Chill: to become quiet or calm, to relax. Tr: relajarse. Ex: She finally finished her exams so now she can chill out and have fun.
  2. Cracks: noticeable lines in something that is broken/damaged. Tr: rajadura (Ala). Ex: I dropped my mobile phone on the floor yesterday and now there is a crack on the screen.
  3. Dawn: time in the morning when the sun is starting to rise. Tr: amanecer. Ex: I have to wake up at dawn to get all of my work done in time.
  4. Reckon: to believe something, to think (colloquial). Tr: pensar/creer. Ex:If the weather stays beautiful like this then I reckon we could have a picnic tomorrow.
  5. Hesitate: to pause in uncertainty. Tr: dudar. Ex: If you have any questions about anything then don’t hesitate to contact me by phone.
  6. Open up your mind: to be welcoming to new things and ideas. Tr: ser de menta abierta. Ex: We are going to a new restaurant so open your mind to new flavours and smells.
  7. Scooch on over: to move towards someone or something that is already close with the intention of being very close, normally without leaving your seat. Tr: acercarse. Ex: scooch on over on the sofa towards Jamie so that there is enough room for John, too.
  8. Nibble: to gently bite at something; can also be amorously or nervously. Tr: mordisquear. . Ex: She only nibbled her lunch today because she was too nervous about the exam to eat. Then, during the exam she constantly nibbled her nails.
  9. Virtue:a good or useful quality in something or someone. Tr: virtud. Ex:Her children are her virtue in life.:



Jason Mraz (1997–present)

Jason Thomas Mraz (born June 23, 1977) is an American singer-songwriter who first came to prominence on the San Diego coffee house scene in 2000. At one of these coffee houses, Mraz met percussionist Toca Rivera and released Live at Java Joe's. He released his debut album, Waiting for My Rocket to Come, which contained the hit single "The Remedy (I Won't Worry)", in 2002, but it was not until the release of his second album, Mr. A-Z, in 2005, that Mraz achieved major commercial success.

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Genres: pop rock, blue-eyed soul, alternative rocl, reggae, surf rock
Waiting for My Rocket to Come (2002)
Mr. A–Z (2005)
We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. (2008)
Love Is a Four Letter Word (2012)
I'm yours - Jason Mraz