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  1. Delight: a high degree of pleasure or enjoyment; joy; rapture: Tr: placer Ex:She takes great delight in her job.
  2. Out of sight: too far away to see, not visible anymore. Tr: fuera de la vista. Ex: He watched the plane until it was a speck. Then it was out of sight
  3. Bright: Characterized by happiness or gladness: Tr: radiante, alegre All the world seems bright and gay.
  4. Sight: one's range of vision on some specific occasion: Tr: vista Land is in sight.
  5. Uptight: Tense, nervous, or jittery. Tr: tenso

Toploader (1971 - 2003, 2009 - Present) Eastbourne - England

Toploader are an English band from Eastbourne (England) who formed in 1997, with over two million album sales to their name and a string of top 20 hits both home and abroad.

Their debut album, Onka's Big Moka, sold over 1 million units and remained in the Top 5 of the UK album chart for over six months. Their cover of King Harvest's song "Dancing in the Moonlight" became a global hit for the band.

Their second album, Magic Hotel, reached number 3 in the UK Albums Chart.

The band decided to break up in 2003.

dancing on the moonlight