grammar label

Use the present perfect continuous:

For continuous actions (still happening now) especially when we ask how long they have lasted, and answer with for/since.

How long have you been working here? (= you work here now)
NOT: How long are you working here?

I've been learning to drive for two years. (I'm still learning)

For continuous actions which have recently finished.
I've been shopping all morning. (= I've just finished)

Review Present Perfect simple:

Unfinished actions/situation
Which started in the past and continue now.

Ex: I've lost my car keys.
Ex: How long have you lived here?
Ex: I've lived here for two years.

Past experiences
When you don't say, ask, or know when.

Ex: I've travelled a lot.
Ex: have you ever been in England?
Ex: we've never had a serious argument.