grammar lable

Used to, Be used to & Get used to

used to

For past habits:

Ex: I used to get a massage every week
Ex: I used to go to the hairdresser’s every Saturday.

For past situations or states that have changed

Ex: I used to be a blonde but now I am a redhead.
Ex: I didn’t use to wear make-up but now I can’t leave the house without it.

! "Used to" doesn't exist in the present tense.


For present use: Usually + present simple.

Ex: I usually paint my nails in the evenings.
Ex: I usually have a pedicure on Wednesdays.

be used to

For a new situation that is now familiar, that you are accustomed to.

Ex: I’m used to not wearing lipstick.
Ex: I’m used to shaving every day.

For something that becomes familiar to you or that you adapt to.

Ex: I’m still getting used to my new look.
Ex: I have got used to living without hair straighteners because it damaged my hair.

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