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Reported speech I I

Direct speech Reported speech
Do you use the taxpayers’ money? She asked him if he used the taxpayers money.
Where was the crime commited? She asked him where the crime had been commited.
Reported questions

In reported questions:

  • The tenses change in exactly the same way as in sentences, eg: present to past, etc.
    • D: what is your manifesto? (present) -> I: She asked him what his manifiesto was. (past)
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  • The word order is subject + verb.
    • D: Are you guilty?-> I: She asked her if she was guilty.
    • D: Have you spoken to a lawyer?-> I: she asked her if she had spoken to a lawyer.
  • We don't use do/did
    • D:What local news do you have, Tom?-> I: She asked Tom what local news he had.
    • Not: What local news did it have.
  • Questions that begin with do, can, etc. add if.
    • D: Can you tell us what happened?-> I: She asked him if he could tell them what had happened.