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Questions tags


We use short questions to check what someone has said:

A: I want my lawyer B: Do you?
A: I am in danger B: Are you?

We often just use the question word and the preposition in a series of questions or when responding.

A: I'm thinking. B: What about?

For how long? What for? Where to? Who to? Who from? Who by? Who with?

A: I'm going to question him again.
B: What for?
A: I was working with two other gangsters.
B: Who with?
A: I was smuggling stolen merchandise on the coast.
B: For how long?
A: The police investigated me two years ago.
B: What about?
A: I'm scared.
B: What of?

Short questions

Question formation III

We use tags in spoken English but not in formal written English. They are not really questions but are a way of asking the other person to make a comment and so keep the conversation open.

You are in a gang, aren't you?
You deal drugs, don't you?
You aren't telling the truth, are you?
You would like to kill me, wouldn't you?
You haven't sold the cocaine, have you?